How To Commission DJ

Step 1

Follow me on my Picarto channel! Be sure to chose the option to be alerted whenever I am streaming!

Step 2

Fill out the contact info form so I can communicate with you. You only need to do this once. If you can’t remember if you’ve done this step, feel free to do it again.

Step 3

Wait for me to stream. I do not have an exact schedule or laid out plan for this other than “usually weekday afternoons” (Eastern Standard Time USA)

If you filled out the contact info form and show up, you will automatically get raffled for a commission. Simple as that! Just keep in mind that commissions are never a guarantee. If you win the raffle, simply tell me what you’d like drawn. Once I’m finished with the art, you’ll receive an invoice on paypal.

Check the FAQ for Pricing information, examples, and more!