Alright DJ. How much?

Lets try to think of my commissions in terms of HOURS.
My current rates as of today are 30 USD per hour .

How much are you capable of accomplishing per hour?

THOUGH APPROXIMATE based on complexity, I typically am capable of completing the detailed lineart for a single character. Like this!

Adding another hour to this existing lineart can get you some basic colors with simple shading

A third hour would bring the image to full completion and detail, including background.

REMINDER: This is all approximate depending on character complexity or situation!

I want a commission. Where do I start?

Go to my Picarto channel and Follow me there! CLICK HERE TO VIEW CHANNEL I work from a day to day basis based on who’s present on my stream. There’s no guarantee that I can draw for you.

Where do you stream your art?

Same as above. Picarto! You can check out by clicking here!

When do you stream exactly?

God knows when. Just follow my Picarto channel and it should notify you whenever I do stream. Good luck!

What sorts of things do you like drawing?

Though I enjoy drawing a wide variety of subjects and ideas, I do have a soft spot for pinups and characters that are pushed outside of their usual gender appearance. Mixing, matching and toying with various combinations of familiar gender features in such a way that results in something odd, unique, kinky, or just plain fun is a lot of what I draw.

What about things that aren’t usually in your gallery?

There’s actually quite a number of things I would love to draw more of. Here are some examples:
-Bird characters
-Skinny sleek (less curvy) body types.
-Female to Male TF
-Non adult art
-And more!

Just because it’s not commonly seen in my gallery does not mean I don’t want to draw it! So please don’t be afraid to ask. I may be very excited about drawing something new.

What sorts of things do you not like drawing then?

If you’re wondering what I’m less comfortable drawing, here’s a simple list that should help.
Some of these are non negotiable.
-Inflation/fat/morbid obesity
-Debilitating levels of Hyper breasts and or genitals
-Baby/cub/diaper etc…. Mega Nope
-MLP fandom (with some exceptions)
-Cow stuff/Udder fetish.

I think that’s pretty much it, but this list will probably be expanded upon as I come across things that I want to avoid drawin’.

What about Ex-Gender?

Work is continuing on that project, both before and after each days stream and on the days I am not streaming. I am also now posting updates to my twitter feed to help keep people informed about my day to day activities with the project. I apologize for the delays thus far and thank everyone that has supported me and continues to do so as I work to finish Ex-Gender.

What’s happening with Patreon?

Patreon will continue as it is, I will continue to post 4 timed exclusive pieces of work every month for my followers there. Check it out here!